Everyone has their own swing - Let us help

"You" find "Your" swing that allows "You" to play "Your" best golf!

Day, weekend and week trips to destinations local and international.

For all level of players, couples and travel with the Pro.

This is an invaluable program that is built to find what makes YOUR swing, WHY an HOW to correct them.  All can be done without making swing changes.

It's not just about fitness...it's about making your swing WORK for YOU!

Corporate Days

TPI Evaluations & Training

  September -December

Travel Golf

Murphy's Golf Academy

Looking for an office outing or team building day? There are several options for as few as two out on the course to 30+. Choose from several options or build your own.

TPI Assessment,

30 min lesson & practice plan

​ONLY $100

​($300 Value)

www.mytpi.com for more about TPI​

"Focusing on Player Development"